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Set Your Goals Higher

Become the best version of you.

Performance anxiety, leadership and management challenges, work/life balance, sustaining high performance. These are a few of the areas I help my Executive clients with. If you were able to remove all interference to you achieving your potential, what might life look like for you?

I can help you break through to your potential like no other can.

Richard’s work with me has fundamentally changed my life for the better.

James Tye, Partner - PwC

Executive Coaching

This is anything but a vanilla experience. Expect to be both supported and challenged to break through any obstacle that stands in your way. Executive Coaching is a confidential space whereby you and I extract your potential..

Although your career performance will likely be our primary objective, by sharpening every area of your life, evidence shows you will not only experience greater performance at work, but you will also have a greater level of life contentment and wellbeing

Executive Coaching

Why choose me as your Executive Coach?

I was a Premiership Rugby Player for over a decade. Since retiring I have worked in corporate finance, been a Company Director for multiple companies, and sit as an Ambassador of the Global Next Gen Community, a private group which supports future global business leaders. I am an Accredited Executive Coach with a CHE in counselling. I boast the country’s top performance and mental health clinicians as my colleagues and peers. I am also supported and supervised by one of the country’s leading Consultant Psychiatrists and Executive Coaches.

How does Executive Coaching work?


A free 30 minute conversation to determine whether coaching is right for you, and whether we would be a good fit together.


A 90 minute session to map out your goals for coaching, and to develop a clear understanding of how we will achieve them.


Here we will work to sharpen your thinking, behaviours and lifestyle to turn you into the person you have the potential to be.

What to expect?

Game-changing results. My clients report the following results from Executive Coaching: 

  •  Increased self awareness and control
  • Improved relationships with colleagues, family and friends
  • A ‘toolbox’ enabling you to leave our coaching as ‘your own coach’, equipped to tackle the inevitable challenges in life on your own
  • Clarity on life purpose, vision and goals, and the skill set to achieve it all

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