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Take Control...

Take Control...

Richard Thorpe - Performance Coach

I work with professional athletes, Next Gen and executives. At its heart, coaching is about change and the clients I have been privileged to work with all have one thing in common; a hunger to get more from their life.

If you know you could be more than you currently are; if you know you are yet to reach your potential; even if you know you are already awesome, but still have room to upgrade further, I am the person that can get you there.

About Me

I am accredited as an Executive Coach, and I am coached and supervised by one of the UK’s most highly regarded coaches.

My primary coaching model is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and is influenced by concepts from CBT, psychology and person-centred psychotherapy.

I have coached C-Suite Executives, International Athletes, and the next generation of Ultra High Net Worth families.

With over 100 hours of 1-2-1 client coaching, I bring my personal experiences from elite sport and business to my coaching model.

Lifestyle Coaching
Richard Thorpe Professional Rugby Player

My Story

I am no stranger to adversity, hardship and struggle. From family tragedy, to rejection, failure and set-backs I have had to learn the hard (and slow) way.

In 2016 I retired from a 13 year career playing Premiership and International Rugby. I moved into my investment company full-time and stepped up to Executive of our Family Office.

Whilst managing investments, I began informally coaching other professional athletes through their own transitions into the ‘real world’. Following completion of further formal qualifications I began working with a Harley Street Institute and in 2018 I established my own performance consultancy.

My passion now lies in getting the best out of people. I deliver my personal model and framework to enable my clients to overcome challenges, blockages, fears and failures – I help people achieve their potential.

“There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.”

Charles Schultz

How I Work

My coaching sessions are direct, personal and confidential. The intent is not to impose solutions, but to help each individual discover their own capacity for change. My approach follows three key steps.


This is a free, no obligation 30 minute conversation. We will explore whether coaching is appropriate for you. This session allows us both to find out about each other, and determine whether we would be a good fit.


This is Session 1 – and it is 90 minutes. This is where we uncover everything we need to know in order to achieve your goals. Each Discovery Session is different, and we will discover together where this session will take us.


Our remaining 60 minute coaching sessions pave the way for you to achieve your objectives. At times coaching can be challenging , but our sessions will always be led by you. Ultimately you will become your own coach.

I am an Accredited Coach with a diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), a member of the International Coach Federation and have a CHE in Counselling from the University of Leicester.

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